Kelly Ann Gonzales

Jacqueline Of All Trades | Master of Some

Kelly Ann Gonzales is used to wearing many different hats. Born in the Philippines, raised in New Jersey, & currently living in New York City, she's a creative entrepreneur. Aside from matchmaking, she works in the travel industry and as a romance novelist. Her experiences with connecting and serving people in the travel world combined with her romantic writing passions have allowed her a unique set of skills & a fresh perspective on the modern dating world. Her heartfelt desires along with her pragmatic expertise on guiding people's love lives for the better have led her on her dream path: helping you find love. Let's get started!

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While we have packages and paid services, your experience would be totally complimentary. Basically, we send out a couple of awesome people on a fully curated, fun first date in a public space. Usually a little quirky, always an adventure!

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